Near Dark 2 (August 27-28)

I had to work on opening night for this show, but I was able to attend the next evening. Apparently, opening night was the place to be, as they had over 650 visitors that night! The second night was pretty tame, but that gave me an opportunity to view all the other pieces in peace. It's the first show that my little boy was able to attend, and he had a fun time looking at glow-in-the-dark art and grooving to the tunes! I sold one piece for sure, which was "It Took a Village". I have received so much positive feedback for this piece that I have decided to offer up stickers and a limited edition linocut print series based on it. I hope that the Insomnia Gallery does this again next year!

"It Took a Village" (Mine)

"Moonlit Scarab" (Mine)

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