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Don’t stop, can’t stop

if I’m being honest, it was both a blow and a relief to have to cancel the Emerge show. It’s humbling to find that you don’t have the network or clout to get local artists to sign up. So until I can get that clout I plan on making work that I can show and/or sell in shows and events that I don’t have to organize. So I submitted a new linocut piece to a show that speaks to me: Superstition on Friday the 13th. Here’s what I submitted: it’s called “Bad News“

In keeping with the superstition theme, a crow (harbinger of sorrow) is waiting for you as you go to check your desolate, backwoods mailbox. Inside, there‘s a sealed letter (it must be a very important letter if someone has gone through the trouble to use twine AND a wax seal). So this letter is for your eyes only. It also doesn’t help that your address number is 1039, which equals 13 if you add up the single integers.

It‘s the largest linocut print I’ve ever made, (18x24) but it’s also my favorite so far. Hopefully I’ll get accepted onto the show so I can hang out and see what people think about it. Whether it gets accepted or not, I’ll make some more and offer them for sale.

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