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I had the opportunity to attend a really cool artist-led event downtown. It's called @htxfreeartfriday , hosted by @artbyfarahmithani and it's held @grandprizebar. It's a chance for creatives in the Houston area to get together and hang out, but it gets cooler than that. Each artist is encouraged to bring an original piece to add to a raffle, then everyone gets to win a piece to take home. So, you bring a piece, you get a piece. So not only do you get to exchange ideas and follows, you get to exchange artwork! I made the following piece for the event:

I called it "Tardy Shark" because I always try to make something for Shark Week each year, but I just missed it this year. It's laser cut and engraved birch panel that is painted with Culture Hustle's Easy Klein blue, and Blue LIT glow pigment, mounted to crushed velvet and mounted in a ready made frame. The person that picked it said they loved it. I introduced myself to him by telling him that he picked the dumbest one of the lot.

The one I picked was a street style illustration called "Love Life" by @im_a_gene_yes I was able to connect with him at the event and pick his brain about the process he used. All in all a fun night that helped energize me a bit and made me want to create more stuff!

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